Associate Technical Support Analyst

Full Time
Information Technology

Job Description

This job assists the front-line ticket triage and resolution. The incumbent expeditiously assists in the initial problem ticket review, assessment of information and details for updates, corrections and information cleansing, as needed, and transfer the ticket to the appropriate area for resolution. Responsibilities may include assisting to handle the issue hotline and Quotation management process with clients with oversight and support from Intermediate and Senior team members.
• Expeditiously assist to monitor, triage, and forward problem tickets to appropriate area for resolution.
• Tasks include removal of all Protected Information from the problem ticket, ensuring all necessary information is included in the ticket, attachments are included and viewable, and if appropriate, forwarded on to the proper group for resolution, with oversight and guidance from Intermediate and Senior Team members
• Support the maintenance of the Issue Hotline for internal ticketing process by reviewing telephonic hotline inquiries, which may include educating the caller on how to submit tickets online.
• Provide assistance in the process oversight for Quotation Management process. Ensure toll gates are in place so client agrees with project quotes, timing, process, cost, etc.
• May assist to update training documentation for process improvements and process changes for group.
• Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or Business Administration/Management, preferred
• Customer Service Experience
• Excellent Analytical, Organization, and Communication Skills
• Ability to contribute to Process Improvement and Performance Improvement
• Experience in the Health Insurance Industry, Billing, Enrollment, Claims, Provider Service Administration, preferred.

Additional Details

Experience: 0-2 years