Registered Nurse – Med Surg

Pittsburgh, PA
Full Time
Health Science

Job Description

• The registered nurse provides leadership in a professional practice setting.
• Team player who contributes to building the team by helping others succeed through role modeling and mentoring.
• Assigns or delegates tasks based on the needs of the patient and skill level of the RN, LPN or support staff.
• Considers maintenance of a safe environment, patient condition, complexity of the intervention and predictability of the outcome.
• Provides peers with both verbal and written feedback regarding clinical practice and role performance.
• Shares knowledge and skills with peers and colleagues.
• Willingly accepts mistakes of self and others, creating a culture in which risk taking is not only safe but expected.
• Participates in an interdisciplinary team to evaluate clinical care or health services.
• Promotes patient safety initiatives (ex: National Patient Safety Goals).
• Participates in department specific quality initiatives ( ex: EBP population specific). Assures appropriate order sets are used.
• Supervises delegates and evaluates assigned LPN scope of practice as appropriate.
• Utilizes the nursing process to assess, plan, evaluate and implement a patient plan of care according to the individual needs of the patient as prescribed by physician, nurse and hospital policy including patient and family.
• Derives culturally and age appropriate expected outcomes involving the patient, family and other health care providers.
• Analyzes the health status of the individuals and families comparing the data with the norm, when possible, to determine patient care needs.
• Assesses patient reports/records change of condition and notifies physician and/or supervisor and intervenes appropriately and documents accordingly.
• Accepts assignments in areas other than primary unit, and performs duties within individualized competency.
• Demonstrates a commitment to continuous lifelong learning for self and others.
• Promotes advancement of the profession through participation in professional organizations.
• Seeks both formal and independent learning activities using current research findings and other evidence to maintain and develop clinical and professional skills and knowledge.
• Participates in systematic peer review and obtains informal feedback regarding one’s own practice from patients, peers, professional colleagues and others. Identifies areas of strength, as well as, areas in which professional development would be beneficial.
• Meets time and attendance guidelines per hospital policy.
• Continuously evaluates and assesses patient and family satisfaction.
• Participates I department specific patient satisfaction initiatives.
• Promotes compassionate communication that is patient and family centered.
• Assesses for and attempts to resolve patient/family concerns.
• Utilizes effective time management skills to complete assigned duties and responsibilities within established work shift.
• Completed RN training program and have PA RN licensure or have applied for practice permit
• CPR Certification
• Certification in area of specialty, preferred

Additional Details

Experience: 0-2 years