Surgical Technician

Pittsburgh, PA
Full Time
Health Science

Job Description

Performs direct and indirect technical tasks for patients before, during, and after surgical interventions.

• • Assists in setting up the surgical operating suite with appropriate instruments and supplies.
• Utilizes proper aseptic techniques and practices standard precautions. Follows policy for medication and specimen handling.
• Assists with preparing, positioning and draping patients and participates in the surgical pause to assure correct patient and surgical site.
• Understands, anticipates and adapts to surgeon preference and patient care variables, and contributes to updating surgeon preference materials.
• Performs sponge, needle, and instrument count.
• Cares for and utilizes resources to promote cost effective and efficient environment for patients.
• Performs other duties as assigned or required.

• 1-3 years of Surgical Technician experience.
• Have one of the following:
o Successfully complete a Surgical Technologist program sponsored by an entity holding nationally recognized institutional or programmatic accreditation and maintain a surgical technologist certification from an accredited certification program (including military completed programs). Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) certification required within 6 months of completion of Surgical Technologist program.
o Currently employed to practice surgical technology by the health care facility
o Been employed to practice surgical technology as the individual's primary function in another health care facility at any time during the two years

Currently offering a Sign-on Bonus for full-time Surgical Technologist position! The amount of the sign-on bonus depends on years of Surgical Technology experience.

0-1 years of experience:
• 2-year commitment: $5,000
• 3-year commitment: $7,000

1+ years of experience:
• 2-year commitment: $10,000

Additional Details

Experience: 0-2 years