Technology Engineer

Full Time
Information Technology

Job Description

• Leverages technical knowledge and industry experience to design, build and maintain technology solutions. Assists with selecting appropriate platforms, integrates and configures solutions.
• Develops software components and hardware for new and emerging technology projects; aligns these with business strategies and objectives.
• May provide consultation on common issues and best practices for junior staff.
• Provides a systematic analysis on client requirements within the traceability framework and resolves any functional problems encountered.
• Ensures quality of project deliverables while maintaining compliance with relevant standards and processes.
• Bachelors degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field, preferred.
• Over 2 years of relevant and direct industry experience.
• Experience with Python, required.
• Experience with Java, Oracle, J-Unit, Mongo DB, Shell, Selenium, J2EE, Azure, jQuery, SQL, PLSQL, and/or PowerShell, preferred.

Additional Details