Top performing companies include people with disabilities in their DEI initiatives. Are you DisabilitySmart™?

10.2% of People with Disabilities are Unemployed

79.8% of People with Disabilities are Outside the Workforce

Inclusive Employers Experience 2x the Net Income

Global Investors Representing Nearly $3 Trillion Request Inclusion

Imagine what can be achieved when talent isn’t limited.

Bender Consulting Services is a certified woman-owned business and a certified disability-owned business enterprise. We help leading companies:

Hire People With Disabilities at all Levels of the Workforce

Address Ableism in the Workplace Through Training

Assess for Digital Accessibility and Define a Culture of Inclusion

Hiring People with Disabilities is Good for Business

Find out what you can achieve with Bender Consulting Services:

Experts in Disability & Engagement

Since 1995, Bender Consulting Services, Inc. has been at the epicenter of disability diversity, equity and inclusion growth and innovation. Register with us and join the growing list of companies and professionals who rely on our insights and expertise:

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Remembering Mary Brougher, President

1964 - 2021

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