INCLUDE people with disabilities now.


Early Career, Return to Work, Experienced Talent

  • Tap into our national network through our virtual career fairs.
  • Widen your talent pool of pre-screened applicants with disabilities to create a repository of talent with in-demand skills.
  • Receive support in building and delivering a disability-focused interview event.


Early Career, Return to Work Talent

  • National workforce development model designed to address lack of work experience barrier for people with disabilities.
  • Talent pool development program designed to foster competency building to meet critical business needs.
  • Workplace mentoring services supporting Careers2B™ participant and sponsor company.


Mid-level, Experienced, Leadership Talent

  • Meet talent diversity goals by increasing representation of people with disabilities at all levels of the organization.
  • Receive screening, on-boarding and accommodation best practice support.
  • Engage workplace mentoring to increase engagement and retention.

Retained Search

Executive, C-Suite Talent, Board of Directors

  • Recruitment of individuals with disabilities with the vision and experience to lead.
  • Represent the talents and expertise found in the disability community within for-profit, nonprofit and disability-focused organizations.
  • Realize the benefits of including people with disabilities on your board of directors.

IGNITE action by educating your workforce.


Enterprise-Wide Disability Training Solution

  • More than 4 million business users on platform, representing a wide variety of industries from banking and finance, health services, pharmaceuticals and insurance, manufacturing, and technology.
  • Comprehensive suite of on-demand, eLearning vignettes covering a variety of disability diversity, equity and inclusion best practices.
  • Demonstrate action toward compliance with EEO legislation, including Section 503.


Mental Wellness Programming – Coming Soon

  • Provide your workforce with the tools to make mental fitness a part of their overall wellness routine.
  • Explore how emotions and thoughts originate and develop healthy mind habits.
  • Build a culture where mental wellness conversations are as commonplace as physical fitness.

Focus on Ability

Business Case for Inclusion, Myths and Facts, Best Practices

  • Interactive training covering disability inclusion and engagement basics, from understanding correct terminology to addressing ableism in the workplace.
  • Geared toward organizational leaders, hiring manager, and human resources personnel.
  • Create a safe space for audience members to explore best practices and address questions about how to successfully engage talent from the disability community.

Elevate Ability

Accommodations, Performance Management

  • Training is solution-focused, with accommodation and performance management scenarios included that address real-world productivity barriers in resource management.
  • Disability inclusion workshop bringing people managers and human resources together to discuss best practices in performance management and meeting accommodations requests.
  • Create a space for audience members to discuss how lived experience and managerial styles can intersect to create a more inclusive workforce better equipped to drive innovation and productivity.

Career Reality

How to Be Successful at Work

  • Training provides insight into success factors such as accountability, attendance, communication, collaboration and more.
  • Focused on preparing those new to the workforce on the often-unspoken professional expectations that employers have of those they hire.
  • Create the context for what it takes to excel within the world of work.


Digital Accessibility Testing and Reporting Processes

  • Provides training in digital accessibility testing and reporting processes.
  • Curriculum is available that is focused on users of technology with disabilities, user experience testers and developers.
  • Create digital space that is accessible for all users of technology.

ILLUMINATE the path to inclusion.

Inclusion Assessments

Policies, Processes, Culture

  • Assess the candidate, employee and community experience of your organization from the perspective of individuals with disabilities.
  • Explore processes and policies to identify inclusion barriers and areas compliance concern.

Strategic Planning

Quick Value, Medium Impact, Acceleration

  • Address compliance concerns and build a brand of inclusion by exploring best practices through a phased approach that seeks to further engage with the disability community.


Digital Accessibility

  • Ensure websites, apps and documents meet digital accessibility standards (WCAG 2.X) that create a digital space that is inclusive of all users of technology.