For Bender Consulting Services, investment in our community is about more than social responsibility. ​Since our inception, we have been on a crusade to change mindsets, create a more equitable work environment and build the infrastructure for a just and inclusive world. ​Our employees are driven to make a difference through their work and through volunteerism. ​

Philanthropic Pillars

Justice​. Human Rights. Quality of Life. ​

The pursuit of justice is embracing a mindset of perseverance and diligence. We must always be vigilant in our defense of justice or prior gains may be lost and new horizons may lay always just out of reach. Bender Consulting Services supports organizations that stand up for justice for our community of people with disabilities and our wider global community. Some of the areas of focus include equal wages, civil rights, deinstitutionalization, and eliminating stigma at a global level. ​

Poverty​. Homelessness. Unemployment. ​

According to the United Nations, “the proportion of persons with disabilities living under the national or international poverty line is higher, and in some countries double, that of persons without disabilities.” Employment is the great equalizer and without it, one cannot truly engage in the global community. We support organizations that address these concerns head on. This includes organizations focused on education, building job competencies, and addressing resource scarcity.​

Youth Empowerment​. Anti-bullying. Mentorship. ​

Youth empowerment is about investing in the future of our children and our communities. We must do our part to ensure our youth have a strong sense of self-efficacy and we must raise the bar that has systemically been lowered throughout history on what they are taught they can achieve. As one of the most bullied groups in America, our youth face many challenges. Bender Consulting Services supports organizations that address these challenges.​

Arts​. Disability Representation. Sustainability.​

We believe that the arts enrich the lives of our community and allow us the opportunity to express and discuss sometimes difficult and controversial subjects. We support performing arts and art therapy as well as programs directed toward exposing children to the arts and inclusion of our disability community within the arts. ​

Digital & Physical Environment​. Universal Design. Animal Preservation & Service.​

As the world changes and more and more we make connections through the digital environment it is important to ensure that this environment is accessible for all users of technology, just as it is important to create a physical environment that includes all members of societies. Animals play an important part in our lives and hearts. Bender supports those organizations that champion animal rights and provide training of service animals. ​