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Houghton, Lapaglia-Successes/Advantages of iDisability™

Tue, 21 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT

Joyce welcomes co-founder of iDisability™, Andrew (Andy) Houghton, along with Sherry Lapaglia, project manager and content developer. Launched at the 2016 Disability:IN conference, iDisability™ educates organizations and ensures employees have the foundations required to: effectively communicate with, interview, hire, accommodate, and engage people with disabilities in the workforce; build and implement an effective and measurable strategic approach to disability inclusion across the enterprise; and remain abreast of emerging and evolving strategies for disability inclusion and engagement. The eLearning solution offers enterprise-wide access to disability diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise.

Pérez, Mida, Jordan: Kick-off of #NotAshamed Campaign

Tue, 14 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT

In recognition of Pride Month, Joyce welcomes to the show, Katherine Pèrez, Jason Mida, and Asher Jordan. All members of the Bender Leadership Academy’s #NotAshamed Campaign, which kicks off this month. The #NotAshamed Campaign is part of the Mary Brougher Mental Health Initiative. #NotAshamed celebrates the lived experiences of those living with mental health disabilities and intersectionality of mental health across all diverse groups, while working to address and end stigma. As many know, Bender Consulting lost its President, Mary Brougher, to a tragic hiking accident in August of last year. This campaign was a passion of hers and carries on the work she began as a founding Board member at the Bender Leadership Academy. Joyce’s guests will discuss what it means to them to be involved in this cause.

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