Business Providing Work Experience for People with Disabilities

A Bender Consulting Services Program

The Careers2B™ Program serves as a national workforce development model to address the lack of professional work experience barrier to competitive employment for people with disabilities and improve employment outcomes for talented professionals with disabilities. ​

Careers2B™ provides paid work experience at sponsor companies to candidates with disabilities, after which participants are eligible to be hired as a direct associate at the sponsor company or to promote their skills in the open marketplace.​ Careers2B™ participants add value, meeting critical business needs in early-career roles designated for Careers2B™ reserved positions.

Addresses the systemic lack of work experience barrier to competitive employment for people with disabilities. Allows participants to gain valuable corporate experience needed to enter the workforce.

Program History

  • Was established in 2007 as part of a pilot program by Bayer Corporation and Bender Consulting Services.​
  • Was officially launched and adopted by Highmark in 2012.​
  • Representative employers who have hired Careers2B™ alumni include: Bayer, Highmark, Office of Personnel Management, Social Security Administration, Fedex Ground, PNC, Covestro, and many more!

Become a Sponsor

  • Sponsor Company > Designates a “reserved position” for recurring periods.​ (When a Careers2B™ participant exits, this reserved position another Careers2B™ Participant is identified to replace this individual).
  • Bender Consulting​ > Recruits qualified candidates with disabilities. Screening is conducted based on education and required skills.​
  • Sponsor Company​ > Interviews and selects candidate.​ Assigns a mentor.​
  • Sponsor Company​ > Hosts selected Careers2B™ participant.
  • Bender Consulting​ > Provides ongoing workplace mentoring support to both the Careers2B™ participant and the sponsor company hiring manager.
  • Sponsor Company​ > Ability to hire Careers2B™ participant as early as six months.
  • Bender Consulting​ > Assists the Careers2B™ participant with resume update and career capture activities.

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