Michael “Mick” Malec

Enterprise technology & operations officer, Highmark Health
CEO, enGen

A wholly owned subsidiary of Highmark Health since 2014, enGen (formerly known as HM Health Solutions) offers a comprehensive health plan administration platform and Enterprise Health Solutions (EHS) that works with health care plans serving more than 10 million members nationwide. As enterprise technology & operations officer for Highmark Health, and CEO of enGen, Michael “Mick” Malec provides strategic oversight and operational leadership focusing on delivery and solutions for enGen’s partners and their members.

Since joining enGen as chief operating officer in November of 2018, Mick has proven himself time and time again to be a strong leader with an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of enGen partners. A strong advocate and influencer of a culture of transparency, accountability, and delivery, Mick brings a fresh perspective to how enGen operates their Enterprise Health Solution (EHS) Platform.

Previously serving as chief administrative officer and senior vice president of NASCO, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan technology solution provider, Mick was responsible for end-to-end infrastructure, information technology, customer support, and multi-platform code delivery. A passionate driver of reducing complexity and creating clear lines of accountability, Mick has over 25 years of experience in information technology between NASCO and IBM.

Mick holds a bachelor’s degree in management and information technology from Davenport University. A native of Detroit, Michigan, but now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife. Mick is an avid supporter of the Wounded Warrior organization.

Michael “Mick” Malec