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My Release Newest

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My March 7th 2020 Release

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Joyce A. Bender Selected By U.S. State Department to Speak in South Korea on the Importance of Hiring People with Disabilities

PITTSBURGH, PA – Joyce A. Bender, president and CEO of Bender Consulting Services, Inc. and international advocate for the employment and empowerment of people with disabilities, has been selected by

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Bender-Coelho Consortium

Bender/Coelho Disability Consortium Launches a Challenge to Corporate America

Joyce Bender, Founder of Bender Consulting Services, announced today an important program that will be a national initiative for the company in 2023. Known as the Bender/Coelho Disability Consortium, this

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Bender Consulting Services, Inc. Technology Champion Award

Mick Malec to receive Bender Consulting Services Technology Champion Award

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. (Bender) is proud to announce that it will present their Technology Champion Award to Michael “Mick” Malec on October 16. Mr. Malec serves as Enterprise Technology

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