South Korea Trip 2017 – Day 3

Joyce on radio show in SeoulWe met the fabulous intern from the Embassy, Haydee, and met Geonhyeong at TBS News for a morning radio show; the only English radio show in Seoul. This is a very impressive station in the media square.  It was a great interview talking about my reason for being in Seoul, about the high unemployment for people with disabilities in South Korea, and my epilepsy. It was amazing how much this radio host knew about me and Bender Consulting Services.  He even knew about our new training program, iDisabilty™. I really enjoyed this interview and I was very honored to be on his show.

I left from there and visited Severance Hospital, where I met with the epileptologists who met with me during my last trip and visited me in Pittsburgh. After a short meeting, I received a Joyce and Geonhyeong in front of Severance Hospitaltour of Severance Hospital.  The facility was named after Louis Severance, a philanthropist who did so much for this city.  His name and history are referenced throughout this magnificent hospital. It is designed to not look or feel like a hospital, and they accomplished the goal. The hospital has a garden with seats to make it comfortable and stress-free for families of patients.  Because missionaries were also involved in establishing this hospital in the early 1900's, there are scriptures embossed in the glass windows.

After our tour, we met the epileptologists for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and the food was delicious. I met doctors from Mongolia and talked about the issues for people with epilepsy in their country.  They were so wonderful, and now they want to figure out how to get me to Mongolia.  By the way, in the winter, it is sometimes 20-40 degrees below zero; they also get a ton of snow–I would love it!!

Our next event was so exciting!  Catherine Watterson, from Microsoft, members of the Embassy Delegation, Mary, two Korean businessmen, and I met at the Ambassador's Residence to talk about how we could pilot a business initiative to employ people with disabilities in Korea. Catherine was so excited about the opportunities to see us move forward and was so wonderful. I left for the first time believing I would not just create hope, but I would create employment and freedom. Mary and I then joined Geongyeoung and went to an embassy event at the Hyatt celebrating the 4th of July!! It was awesome and the size of a large Gala! It was wonderful! There was music and images of Lincoln and many other American symbols. 

I will never forget Independence Day in South Korea! Now I just need to see people with disabilities gain independence through employment!

Mary, Joyce and a group of doctors


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