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Disability Equality Index

  • Comprehensive benchmarking tool helping companies build a roadmap of measurable, tangible actions towards disability inclusion and equality.
  • Joint initiative of Disability:In & AAPD

Investory Challenge

Investors representing $2.8 trillion are asking companies about their disability inclusion strategy.

Disability Employment Statistics

  • Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • April 2021 Labor Force Participation Rate
    • PWD: 20.3%
    • PW/OutD: 66.8%
  •  April 2021 Unemployment Rate
    • PWD: 9.6%
    • PW/OutD: 5.6%

Mental Health America

  • 9 in 10 employees report that workplace stress affects mental health.
  • Only 5% strongly agreed that their employer provides a safe environment for employees living with mental health disabilities.

Wounded Warrior Project

  • COVID-19 has led to veterans with disabilities experiencing:
  • Increased suicidal ideations
  • 2x as likely to feel disconnected
  • Worsening mental and physical health


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Black Disabled Lives Matter

  • Sign languages are a part of the cultural identifiers of the Deaf Community, each as diverse and rich as any spoken language.
  • In the United States, many employers have heard of ASL, but did you know that due to the historical impact of segregation and racism in the U.S., the Black community has to create their own unique dialect of ASL?
  • Black American Sign Language (BASL) is its own language.

Black Disabled Lives Matter


Black, Disabled, And Proud: College Students with Disabilities

  • Learn about the intersectionality of disability and race

Intersectionality and COVID-19 Impact

  • Race, Ethnicity and Disability: The Financial Impact of Systemic Inequality and Intersectionality
  • National Disability Institute
  • By April 2020, 44% of Black employees with disabilities were no longer working.
  • 22% Latinx employees with disabilities lost their jobs by April 2020.

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