Widen Your Talent Pool By 30 Million People

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. has over 25 years of experience creating disability inclusion and equity hiring programs and sourcing candidates with disabilities to fill job roles in the public and private sectors. Our talent programs team is dedicated to finding the right talent to meet the needs of your organization while promoting your diversity initiatives.

“People with disabilities continue to represent the largest untapped labor pool in the United States.”

Joyce Bender

Bender Virtual Career Fairs

Leverage the Power of Recruiting Technology

Bender Virtual Career Fairs provide an opportunity for employers and job seekers with disabilities across the United States to conveniently connect and network using an accessible virtual platform.

Expand your talent pool of people with disabilities as a part of diversity and Section 503 compliance outreach initiatives. Past fairs have averaged 1,000+ participants.

Remove participation barriers for the disability community while reducing your costs by eliminating transportation and overhead associated with booth design and production.

How It Works

Register: Event or website sponsor and general registration options.

Create Profile Page: Upload company logo and branding. Include chat hours and highlight talent needs.

Post Jobs: Add an unlimited number of jobs for all locations nationally. Candidates range from early career to experienced.

Invite Candidates to Chat Room: Review candidate profiles prior to fair day and send a message inviting them to your chat room.

Establish Chat Scripts for One-to-One and Group Chats: Ease the burden on recruiters by creating pre-written chats for fair day.

Chat with Candidates with Disabilities: Log-in on fair day and chat live with candidates with disabilities.

Sponsorship Levels

General Registration

+ Brand showcase on unique profile page

+ Exclusive chat room for real-time engagement (group and one-to-one)

+ Ability to post unique chat room hours on fair day

+ Access for up to 10 recruiters at the same time

+ Unlimited recruiter access to participant profiles and resumes for an unrestricted time frame

+ Optional video interview tool

+ Optional video and/or audio broadcast or screencast tool

+ Ability to create resume books

+ Unlimited job postings

Website Sponsor

+ Includes a highly visible display of the company logo on the event home page, with a link to your website

+ Top priority listing of profile page above other participating organizations

Event Sponsor

+ Exclusive addition of company logo on event marketing campaigns to candidates

+ Premium listing of your chat room in the live event

+ Top priority listing of profile page above other participating organizations

+ Highly visible display of your logo on the event home page, with a link to your website

+ All benefits of general event registration


Infuse Your Pipeline With New Talent

Identify Key Talent Pipeline Needs

It all starts with identifying key recruitment needs. Our talent programs team will meet with your hiring managers and human resources to understand the locations, nature of the job roles, qualifications and experience needed, and the team environment. Bender works with your team to identify in-scope job roles and locations that best meet the needs of your organization.IncludeDisability™ packages range from # to # in size and are best suited for internship, on-going, generalized talent generation, and federal hiring.

Pre-Screened Candidates Added to Your Talent Pipeline

  Our talent programs team has established a national network for recruiting candidates with disabilities that fit the needs of our customers (Figure 1). Bender uses this network to advertise in-scope pipeline opportunities at both the local and national level.

Bender screens candidates with disabilities to match them to in-scope job roles and locations. Our goal is to ensure only the top candidates who meet the qualifications for in-scope job roles are directed to your organization for consideration.

Bender supports candidates with navigating the your application process and promotes the company’s brand and commitment  as a disability inclusive employer.

Realize Talent ROI

Customers directly hire as many candidates from the customized talent pool of people with disabilities as they wish for no additional charge.

Create Your Customizable Package

Learn more about how you can use Bender’s DisabilitySmart Engine™ to create sustainable solutions in disability equity and inclusion through our customizable packages. Talent, training, and assessment packages can stand alone or be bundled to accelerate impact enterprise-wide. Contact us today at lthomas@benderconsult.com to take the next step in inclusion.