Are You Ready for WCAG 2.2?

Web Consortium Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 is on its way. Are you ready for the changes this will bring? Bender is excited that new criteria will help to enhance the

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Virtual Career Fair Tips

Since the COVID pandemic the opportunity to participate in virtual career fairs has grown exponentially. As an early adapter of using this technology to connect employers with talent from the

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Remembering Judy Heumann

Sadly, this month we lost a great American Hero, Judy Heumann. From the time she was a girl, Judy knew what it was to advocate for herself and her future.

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Bender/Coelho Disability Consortium

An interview with Tony Coelho and Joyce Bender. This year Bender Consulting Services, Inc. launched the Bender/Coelho Disability Consortium to elevate the critical connection between employers and the disability community.

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3 Tips for Making a New Year’s Resolution

Lessons Learned from the Mentorship of Mary Brougher As many of you know, in 2021 we tragically lost our President, Mary Brougher, to a hiking accident. For those of you

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Success Stories

My Application Was Not Treated as Another Name Without a Face

Perseverance – so many times I have talked to employers about the inherent strengths of candidates with disabilities and this is something I always talk about. Every employer looks for

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Thank You, Bender, for Everything that You Have Done for Me

Throughout the month of October, I like to remember what this is all about – freedom through competitive employment. Although October is known as Disability Employment Awareness Month, I like

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Former Senator Tom Harkin

Nothing Without Us

This week marks the 32nd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It has been 32 years since the ADA was signed into law. Yesterday, I had the opportunity

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You Can Alt Text Too

While techies understand alt text as the HTML attribute used in HTML and XHTML to provide a vehicle to render an element that cannot be rendered, alt text is becoming

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Workers bullying a colleague at office

Mental Health Disability Disclosure at Work: A Candid Discussion of Why We Don’t Disclose Part 4

As we continue our discussion of why employees are reluctant to disclose their mental health disability in the workplace, I would be remiss if I did not touch on one

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