Intersectionality: Ableism and Racism

Black Health and Wellness is the 2022 Black History Month theme. There is no better time to talk about the intersectionality of ableism and racism than right now. According to

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Mental Health Disability Disclosure at Work: A Candid Discussion of Why We Don’t Disclose Part 1

Over the years, many employers have shared their struggles with getting employees with mental health disabilities to identify as an individual with a disability. They have increased opportunities to identify

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Stand Out as a Candidate with Two Little Words

It seems to be becoming more and more frequent that candidates ask our recruitment team if the thank you note is a thing of the past. There are some things

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Office Space Solutions that Consider Accessibility for Employees with Disabilities Hard to Find

As with many businesses, my company has experienced changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the decision to reconsider and redefine what the workplace will look like

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Winter Access

Here in Pittsburgh, we sit just a few hours south of the Great Lakes region snowbelt that runs along the Lake Erie shoreline and covers parts of northeastern Ohio and

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Welcome 2022

When looking back over the past two years, our Bender story is one of perseverance and commitment. I want to thank our customers who have stood by me and been

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Disability 101: Understanding the Terms of Engagement

Website Accessibility The Ramps and Rails of the Digital World

Document Accessibility: Can You Read This

Social Media Accessibility: Our Network Depends On It