"We believe the greatest way to build character is by helping others; this is not preferred but expected."  Volunteerism is one of the Values the Bender leadership team decided on in 1996.  I founded the company in 1995 and assembled a leadership team of eight to create the mission, vision, and values statements. I am still amazed that this small team established values that have become the foundation of the corporation.  These values still hold true today.

At Bender Consulting Services, we embrace Volunteerism at all levels. We participate in events for and support the national and local Epilepsy Foundation organizations, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), Disability Mentoring Day, the Bender Leadership Academy, and many, many, other social justice and advocacy causes.   This is part of the fabric of Bender Consulting Services and always will be.

Volunteerism is the right thing to do, morally. In addition, it builds character in all employees of any company.  It is one of the keys to building a foundation of career and people management skills.

Volunteerism keeps us very well-grounded.  When your employees volunteer at a homeless shelter or work with youth with disabilities, it really puts everything in perspective.  When your employees think they have issues, suggest volunteer work in the community.

I believe volunteerism builds character in all of us.  There are givers and takers in life, and I prefer givers. It really is better to give than to receive.  A great leader serves, and this helps to reinforce how important it truly is in management today.

When people ask me how I have met so many people in my life, from three Presidents, to CEO s to NFL stars, the answer is through volunteer work.  The greatest way to meet a CEO or NFL star is by contributing your time and money to the greater good.  Remember, you do not volunteer to get, but to give.

Today, many potential employers will ask during an interview about the amount of volunteer work the candidate has done to support the community.  We are one of those employers; your answer to this question will be a hiring differentiator.  Does this employee give or take? This tells a great deal about the candidate.

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