Because of our commitment to candidate quality and professionalism, we have been retained by many corporations and federal agencies to assist with meeting their diversity recruitment objectives as it pertains to the employment of individuals with disabilities.  These diversity recruitment objectives are driven by the search for good talent, the drive for diversity and inclusion, and the need to meet their 503 utilization goals. We assist these companies and agencies by partnering with them to recruit applicants with disabilities who match the qualifications they are seeking.

In order to ensure all applicants meet our customer requirements, we have created a thorough screening process which includes completion of an extensive application, multiple interviews, reference checks, as well as criminal background, drug, and credit checks, employment and education verification, and clearance processing as requested by our customers.

Interviews are scheduled with applicants based on a number of factors, including the number of applicants applying for open positions, how well the applicant’s resume matches the required experience, skills, education frequently requested for open positions, and review of the application submitted by the applicant.

As we do not provide vocational or employment services to candidates within the disability community in order to assist them with aligning with a career opportunity, not all applicants who apply with Bender Consulting will receive an interview and applying does not guarantee employment. Unlike a vocational or employment agency that works on behalf of the candidate in order to assist them with securing employment, we work on behalf of private and public sector employers to increase the number of applicants with disabilities applying for positions in the career fields they identify. We are only able to move an applicant forward in our process if they possess the skills and experience that match openings we are currently working on or regularly receive. The number of positions we receive, required education and experience, and locations of opportunities are determined by our customers. To learn more about the types of positions that Bender receives, please see our Job Openings.   

Upon successful completion of our internal interviewing/screening process, if we have received a potential career opportunity match from our customer, the candidate is contacted by our team for permission to submit their resume to the customer(s) for evaluation and consideration. At this time, both Bender Consulting Services and the candidate await feedback from our customer regarding if and when an interview will be scheduled. Our customers make the final selection of which candidates they are interested in interviewing and hiring for their current positions.

The positions we fill fall within one of two areas, private sector and federal government career opportunities.

Private Sector Career Opportunities

Bender Consulting Services works with prestigious companies in 20 States in the US and 2 Provinces in Canada. Many of the companies using Bender’s specialized recruitment program to increase the hiring of individuals with disabilities are Fortune 500 companies. Our private sector customers use a contract-to-hire business model where the successful candidate would work for Bender Consulting Services on location at our customer’s site for a contract period, prior to being eligible for direct hire by our customer. To learn more about our private sector career opportunities, please click here.

Federal Career Opportunities

Bender Consulting Services supports federal disability hiring initiatives by connecting agencies with talented candidates with disabilities for potential direct-hire employment opportunities. To learn more about our federal career opportunities, please click here.